Realistic Weight Loss Goals


If you have any interest in losing weight I bet you are mostly interested in losing it really quickly…not as quick as surgery but nearly…

I seriously don’t recommend surgery. Although I have seen some extremely overweight people who basically live on their beds and are unable to leave the house, which is sad. Even Howard Hughes left the house more than those people did.


Here is the INVENTOR of the Paleo Diet system. Notice how he has no wrinkles?

But we have to have realistic weight loss goals. If your fitness role model is the roadrunner or his friend the coyote, then you are probably deluding yourself, which is a shame, as you will probably realize that and start eating comfort food…which always ends badly. Schnell abnehmen

{quick ways to lose weight}

The point is that people are always looking for the quick fix when it comes to slimming down or toning up. Do you know how much time it’s going to take for a woman to lose weight after giving birth? It’s going to take a little while. Come rimanere incinta.

And how many years did it take us to get 50 kilograms or 100 pounds overweight? IT took quite a while but fortunately it won’t take us as long as it did to gain it as it will to lose it. I recommend apple cider vinegar as the first stop in speeding up your metabolism and digestion. Many medical problems today are caused by a lack of stomach acid and apple cider vinegar is one of the three things that can be used to replace stomach acid.

As far as weight loss shortcuts go the apple cider vinegar will make a huge difference in the digestion and metabolism of someone who has little stomach acid and gastrointestinal juices. You simply aren’t digesting your food if you lack stomach acid. That’s why we put on weight!!

And if we completely lose control of the toxins in our body we are most likely going to end up in a cemetary many years ahead of time.

coffin in cemetary